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EECHO – the virtual receptionist for hotels

The most modern hotel correspondence manager on the market

With our all-encompassing hotel software, enquiries and bookings with individual landing pages can be created and sent automatically. A chatbot answers guest enquiries lightning fast and reliably - relieving your staff, saving time and money. Discover your own virtual receptionist with many more features now.

ELECTRONIC ECHO - the virtual receptionist for hotels
CRM and hyper-personalization
Beta (available from spring 2023)
Voucher management tool
Beta (available from summer 2022)
Automated enquiries & bookings

ELECTRONIC ECHO allows the creation of individual e-mail and website templates to respond automatically to customer enquiries. The entire communication process can be handled: from the request to the booking, the pre-check-in, the pre-vacation email and the post-vacation email.

All this is handled by our artificial intelligence, which can interpret the guest's request.

The correspondence is thus automated.

Chatbot for website & messenger

With our chatbot and messenger, we go even further with ELECTRONIC ECHO. Our chatbot can take care of all communication in the house in the following areas:

1) enquiries and bookings, 2) in house activities, 3) out of house activities, 4) F&B and SPA suggestions, 5) Magical Moments and much more. Of course, you can also add stand-alone suggestions in ELECTRONIC ECHO.

With our technology, you can accompany customers along the entire "customer journey". Your customers experience "magic moments" and become more loyal to the company.

In addition, with ELECTRONIC ECHO you can use our artificial intelligence in all channels: Chatbot on the website, all major messengers such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, via email as well as via SMS (in planning). Our AI gets to know your guests better and better.

CRM and hyper-personalization

All information about your guests is stored in ELECTRONIC ECHO's central customer database. In addition, everything your guests discuss with ELECTRONIC ECHO is documented - what reception can claim this? Of course, this process is always carried out in compliance with data protection regulations (GDPR).

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Interface partner
ELECTRONIC ECHO replaces the previous communication and hotel CRM systems

The systems available on the market today are solid systems but with some weaknesses. We like to compare them to steam locomotives. Some are perhaps more like electric trains. They have been on the market for years and get people from A to B - even if not individually. Definitely, these technologies are not innovative.

We like to compare ELETRONIC ECHO with electric vehicles or hydrogen-powered vehicles. These technologies are still relatively young on the market. However, they bring more progress every week than the older technologies in a decade. Innovative entrepreneurs rely on these technologies because they know that they will continue to be ahead of the others tomorrow.

Data privacy

Data protection has been taken into account in our system from the very beginning. We store all personal data in encrypted form. Even our programmers have no access to this data. Please ask your current software house where the data is stored and how it is encrypted. You will wait a long time for the answers.

With ELECTRONIC ECHO your data is safe because:

  • all personal data has been encrypted
  • all your customer data has been encrypted
  • the customer data can only be viewed via your customer account, but not in the database
  • ELECTRONIC ECHO provides you with your own e-mail server for your communication
  • the master key for the encryption is safely stored in a safe deposit box, secured by legal contracts
  • by the way, all this is only available at ELECTRONIC ECHO.
The EECHO in use: a modern, cloud-based, secure software.
The Eecho Future
Individual newsletter
Beta (available from spring 2023)
Humanoid robots and intelligent speakers
Individual website content
in preparation
Automated Persona Generation (APG)
Beta available from fall 2022
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