EECHO – the virtual receptionist for hotels

Eecho - your new hotel software

Save valuable time and money through automated processes

It's high season. Your receptionist sits in front of her PC and compiles individual offers. On the side, she is already answering the question of when dinner will be served for the third time that day. She would much rather chat with the nice couple who have just arrived, but there is not enough time for more than a "welcome".

What to do?
Take repetitive work off your receptionist's hands with our hotel software. Automating time-consuming tasks in your hotel leaves more time for interaction. 

Hard Facts: Advantages at a glance

  • Your employees and possible understaffed teams are relieved, which in turn increases work motivation.
  • Labour and hotel costs are reduced through the automation of processes. Tasks are completed even when there is no staff on site.
  • Eecho works on the basis of settings, rules and parameters that can be individually defined. You can also make more accurate predictions when it comes to demand.
  • Guest questions are answered automatically and in real time via the chatbot.
  • The guest experience improves. Not only tech-savvy travellers will be thrilled with your innovative concept.